Lifestyle challenge DAY 1!

Hey guys day one of the challenge and to start proceedings lets weigh in and do our waist measurement.

How the app works:

Every session begins with a wellness survey. Designed purely to show you how you are looking after yourself. Click on the number that suits your day.

The second part today is body weight. This is private so be honest. If you don’t have access to some scales we have a set available or most chemists or shopping centres do.

The third and final part of today is a waist measurement. Simply put a tape measure around your waist at the belly button.

Simple!!! Get in and get day one finished so tomorrow isn’t as crowded.



If you haven’t signed up there is plenty of time to do so. This is for all ages, all fitness levels and a great way to get motivation over the winter period.  Get your family involved, get work mates, it’s free so why not.

Simply download the Train Heroic App on your phone or on your browser go to :

and add the access code: “teamstaytrue”

We have zero equipment programs for home or gym, also plenty of gym, crossfit and weightlifting programs available.

Got questions? Join our Facebook group or contact us via the website.


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