Rehab and NDIS

Health should be our number one biggest priority in life, but most take it for granted. With our knowledge and expertise we will work with you to bring functionality back to your life. We work with all ages and abilities to provide long lasting results.


We are now a provider for the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme). This is exciting as we can bring our training and experience to a wider community with the goal to improve daily living and help bring normality back to life.

Returning to work

Injured on the job? Let us work with your health professionals and develop a structured program to help return you to work quicker.

“I started with Cam at the 5 week post period and I can say now with some strong dedication from both of us and the 100% professional coaching in the correct ways to gain strength threw my rehab, to date I am painfree and feel stronger and more able to tackle my daily tasks and that is just at 4 months.” – Alt

NDIS & Disability

We are a proud NDIS provider and what that means is for people that are eligible we can train you. Utilise the time to gain function and improve daily living but don’t forget that training will improve mental well-being and give you an outlet to de-stress.

  • Help give you independence by building functional and stronger muscles.
  • Improve your mentality by giving you a outlet to de-stress and build resiliency.
  • Provide a social activity to meet new people that can be fun and exciting.

Injury Prevention

Exercise always has the possibility to injure. We try our best to prevent it but sometimes things happen. Working with a coach can speed up recovery and added training on weak spots can enhance ones training.

“I injured my right shoulder at home in 2018. Although physiotherapy helped, my shoulder remained painful for months. I considered giving up training but after consultation with Cameron I was given strengthening exercises. The exercises dramatically improved my shoulder and I was back to lifting weights again within two months. Although unimaginable in 2018, I have now gone on to achieve a pull up.” – Cheryl

Let’s rebuild you together.

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