Stay True Lifestyle Challenge


We are launching the ‘Stay True Lifestyle Challenge’ to help people stay motivated and training through the harder times, whether it be the very first 8 weeks of starting to regulars tackling the cold winter months. To kick off we want everyone to jump in and do the first 8 together.

The 8 week challenge will be running from the 1st of July to the 25th of August.

Who can enter?
Anyone around the globe can enter. All goals and fitness levels are welcome as we have programs that cater for different levels and goals.
All you need to do is :
1. Register via our website
2. Set up your Train Heroic app to your mobile device with our Lifestyle and any others you want.
3. Train regularly, complete the daily challenges and log your results.

What is the challenge?
The Lifestyle Challenge is a way for all levels of fitness from middle aged and returning to exercise to full-time athlete to the family who want to start doing stuff together.
The lifestyle challenge is designed to give you daily exercise challenges to keep you motivated and connect you with others participating.
When combined with one of our exercise teams or programs (free no equipment team) your fitness/weightloss goals will be enhanced.
To kick off the challenge we want to make it extra fun so we have added some prizes.

There will be 4 different categories! Enter one or enter them all!

1. Most logged Stay True Fitness workouts. 
-This covers all STF programs including in house (CrossFit Gympie and STWC) or online (Gym’n’Fitness, Home Training, Strength and all programs). All workouts must be logged on the Train Heroic app. to count towards your total.

2. Biggest weight/waist measurement loss.
– Ask a friend or trainer to help you take your waist measurements. You will find this under Day 1 Challenge in the Train Heroic app.  At the end of week 8 you will repeat the measurements. To get the best out of this challenge pull out your Target Nutrition meal plans and assess where you might be slipping OR book an appointment with Amie to get on a meal plan if you don’t have one (see below for details.)

3. Benchmark strength test.
We will be using the CrossFit Total to test our strength at the beginning and the end of the 8 weeks. The CrossFit Total is a workout where you have 3 attempts at a max lift of each the back squat, deadlift and shoulder press. Your total is the sum of your best in each lift. For anyone that wishes to participate this will be at the end of week one of the challenge.

4. Best social media post.
-This is just for a bit of fun. We will be judging the best photos posted on instagram or social media using the hashtag #teamstaytrue. Have fun with your training and life, show the world what you are capable of achieving!  We will be releasing new shirts so get creative when they arrive 😀

What can I win?
There will be cool prizes for each category! They will be announced prior to commencement date.

Prize #1 – Stay True Fitness Apparel pack.

Prize #2 – Athlete pack including a speed rope, resistance bands and more.

Prize #3 – Supplement pack including a kilo of Nutella flavoured protein powder.

Prize #4 – $50 voucher for The WOD Life.

We will have special team shirts available too. Some sizes will be available at the club or feel free to purchase your own online via our webstore.

How much will it cost and how do I get started?
The challenge is no cost to participate! We want everyone to join.
– Register for the challenge via our website we will email you with your details and help you sign up to the lifestyle team.
– The lifestyle challenge will work in with our other training programs so pick a free team or upgrade to a program that suits your goals better
– If you are already a club member just keep training and logging your results. The consistency will benefit your progress.
– Join our Facebook group (Stay True Fitness Support Group) for support, motivation and access to coaching advice, weightloss tips and inspiration.

– Train hard, follow your training schedule, upgrade to more programs and most importantly use the hashtag #teamstaytrue for posts.

Oh and have fun! Simple as that!

To register click the picture below.

Join the stay true lifestyle challenge


**** Extra bonus for particints *******

To coincide with the challenge we are offering discounts on some of our services.

  •  Value packs to Upgrade your Training. 3 specialized programs for great value
  • CrossFit Gympie membership –  we are offering 50% off the On-Ramp intro pack (Normally $120, only $60 for Stay True Lifestyle Challenge participants)
  • 50% off personal training sessions to help you work faster and harder towards your fitness goals.

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