Lifestyle Challenge DAY 2

Brilliant response for day 1, still plenty of time to sign up as day 1 was only weight and waist measurement.

Day 2 is a 6 minute workout. We will redo at the end to see how far we have come.

The workout needs something to count down 6 minutes (your phone)

Set up the clock and see how many times you can get through:

6 reps of squats (no weight needed and scale to hold onto something or sit onto a chair)

6 reps of push ups (scale to knee push ups, wall push ups or table push ups)

6 reps of sit ups (scale to crunches or leg raises)

Work at your own pace and do your best.

Just make sure to fill out the app so you can keep track.


If you have questions, add yourself to the Stay True Support Group on Facebook and if you post on social media use the hashtag #teamstaytrue


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