Stay True Weightlifting Club

Stay True Weightlifting Club was established in 2013, and are registered with the QLD Weightlifting Association.

Adult Training

Weightlifting is a fun challenging and fun sport that you can do at any level, no experience necessary. These sessions are a great option if you are interested in competitive weightlifting or even just wanting to do weightlifting for health and fitness. We have members that are here for one or both. Group training brings out the best in people and nothing beats the energy.

There are U20, U23, Senior (Open) and Masters (35+) competition options at club, state and national levels.

CrossFit people who are looking to improve their technique for CF are absolutely welcome.

Weightlifting sessions run 5:30am on Monday to Friday, 9:30am and 5pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Bookings are essential. Placements are limited.

Youth Training

Weightlifting is not only a great sport on its own but is complimentary to most other sports. It will assist in the development of speed and power, as well as strength and co-ordination. We have seen a very strong carry over to swimming, football and athletics in our own youth lifters. It can also be a good choice for kids who aren’t interested in team sports – while they train together as a group, their work load and progress is individual. This also allows for kids of different levels to train together.

Group training for our kids is currently Wednesday and Friday after school at 3.45pm for an hour. Sessions run with the school term. Placements are limited.

New to weightlifting?

If you are new to Olympic Weightlifting we require two private intro sessions so we can spend some time teaching the fundamentals. This way you can transition into group classes easily and have more fun. These sessions can be organised around the group times, so please contact us on the form below and we can set up an appointment.

Sounds interesting? Organise a time to pop in and check out the club.

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