FIFO or DIDO? Join our team

Fifo or dido

Do you struggle with training when you are back at work?

Our training can be taken anywhere, access your Stay True program from your smartphone or laptop and utilize the training facilities on site or back at home.

Depending on your goals you can join a gym program for overall fitness, focus on weight loss with a cardio program or build added muscle with a strength program.  Reduce the impact that working away does to the body, maintain a healthy weight, remove injuries, de-stress and keep motivated.

Unsure where to start? Join our free zero equipment training program and we can build on that in the future. Simply download the app or go to the trainheroic website and enter the access code – staytruefreehomegym

Click the pictures below to be linked to teams and programs and start your training.

Online training teams –

Untitled design (11)

Home Training –Train from home with

Additional programs –

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