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Already part of a Stay True team? Great! Let’s look closely at your goals and how our additional programs can help you.Team stay true trainheroic

Firstly, If you haven’t joined a team then jump in and sign up.
We offer:
Home Training (free), Weightlifting, Strength, CrossFit Gympie and Gym N Fitness

Upgrade Packs available

We have been working hard to bring you options that can excel your training and help you reach your goals faster.  Purchase a pack and add the programs to your TrainHeroic calendar.  They are yours for 12 months so re-use it as many times as you want in the year.

Improve your CrossFit Pack

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Learn to lift Pack

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Weightlifting package

Add programs to your schedule to incorporate weightlifting and improve strength, power and technique. This package includes: – Bulletproof Shoulder Program – Foundations of Weightlifting – Weightlifting Specific Accessory Program Stand alone value $75. Once purchased we will contact you and help add them to your TrainHeroic profile



Begin you Journey Pack

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Beginner Package

Add programs to your schedule to progress you on your fitness journey. This package includes: – Home Training - Minimal Equipment – Beginner Gym program – Cardio program Stand alone value $75. Once purchased we will contact you and help add them to your TrainHeroic profile.


Single programs

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Got Questions?

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