Strength Club

Welcome to our Strength Club program.  This program is designed for our CrossFitters who want to spend extra time in the box developing skills and focusing their time on strength, specifically Olympic Weightlifting.

Strength Club is separate to our CrossFit program, it is programmed separately with different goals.  It takes Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and strongman movements and combines them into a 5 day program.

This program is available to all our full paying members after they have paid their dues.  We require a month or two of dedication to our full CrossFit program before starting STSC as it requires knowledge and experience in all the major lifts.  That being said we don’t expect you to have mastered everything, just be able to clean and jerk, snatch, squat and deadlift well and without any coaching.

This is a self paced class with dedicated time slots during the week. As our classes grow we will trial more slots.

Regular attendance in our strength club will open doors to being considered for competition squads, exclusive in house competitions and custom gear.

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