Housekeeping and Hygiene

Hey guys,

We need to have a chat about a couple of things which are not a problem for most, but are starting to happen here and there.

1.  Make sure you wipe your work space down after you use it.
Bring a towel to classes, and use the wipes under the whiteboard to wipe down your bars, barbells, ab-mats, wall balls and mats if you have sweat all over the place.  The people in the next class don’t want to do push-ups in your sweat, or do pull-ups in the area you have ripped a callous.

2. I know you are here to become a sweaty mess, but personal hygiene is a must.
We don’t have an enormous space, guys. Generally you are going to be working close to each other, and we are working close to you as coaches. I hope this doesn’t need to be said but please shower and brush your teeth daily, wash your gym clothes and socks after each WOD and wash your hands after you use the toilet. Anti-antiperspirant deodorant is a must,  no one wants to be the stinky kid in class.

3. If you are sick, stay home.
I know this should go without saying, but no one else wants your germs. We all have busy lives to lead and cannot afford to catch your sickness. Please take a couple of days off to rest up and be fighting fit for when you return.

Please use chalk sparingly and when necessary. YOU DO NOT NEED CHALK TO BENCH PRESS.  If you must use the chalk please make sure you put it on in the bowl, and dust your hands off inside it. Avoid putting hand prints all over the floor, but if you do find it happens – clean the area down. The chalk does not need to leave the bowl to be applied to bars or barbells under any circumstances.


I hope you guys agree that we have a great training environment, we just need to make sure we are leaving it a great state for the people training after us. With the change of season upon us let’s make sure we have a nice, healthy, happy box 🙂 

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