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At CrossFit Gympie we are always growing and adapting our classes to give the highest, safest quality of programming. Our latest retool/overhaul is a big one.
We have been working towards this for the last 6 months, and we are quite proud to be bringing something new to CrossFit Gympie and opening up opportunities for teenagers to join.
I apologise for all the reading but it’s the most condensed I can get it.

Gympie Massage Therapy –
We have a masseuse on site a day or two a week for you guys. Greg is here Mondays 1pm to 4.30pm and every second Friday 3pm to 6.30pm for 20 minute sessions. This is perfect for anyone who has a niggle or a tweak and needs some quick worked done on it. Please feel free to book in.

CrossFit –
We are as strong as ever, we are seeing more people progressing faster and working more efficiently nowadays.
Our classes are a universally scalable so we can cater for everyone. We offer a strength and conditioning program designed to progress you safely through the movements to build a person who proficient at everything that we throw at you.
Nothing has changed in our CrossFit program, this is still our major priority so don’t stress.

CrossFit Plus –
We have retooled our plus program to cater for more of our CrossFitters.
The program is for members who are training hard and wanting to spend more time on their weaknesses and get more time to work on advanced CrossFit movements and build general strength. This can also be used as a rehab program to get back into CrossFit faster.
The program is written specifically for the individual and is a 6 week block consisting of 2 days of work that needs to be completed to advance. The program uses the weights area with partial supervision from a coach.
If this appeals to you, please speak to a coach and we can set it up ASAP.
Finally, the plus program is one of the ways that people can be selected for our Competition development squads (CrossFit or Strongman) but be aware that if asked to join, this is a long term commitment that has higher expectations than regular CrossFit and even Plus member.

Stay True Weightlifting Club
Our main news is that our strength club has had a name change is now an independently run and fully registered weightlifting club. The club has its own membership and now people outside of the CrossFit community can join.
We welcome outsiders but there are expectations and rules that need to be met as this isn’t a gym. We are seeking people who are willing to listen and learn, people who are patient and free of ego. Individuals who can commit to long term training and willing to spend time working on their weaknesses. If you have been looking for something more from your training and think this may be for you then have a free trial in CrossFit on Tuesdays or Thursdays and complete the 3 session ramp up pack and we will discuss your entry.

Our most exciting aspect of the change is the introduction of the teens program. Weightlifting has major benefits for everybody from health benefits like weight loss, flexibility and coordination to mental and personal growth like self esteem, de-stressor, mental toughness and positive body image. This is no different for teenagers. If you are wondering if it is safe, we have addressed this on our new FAQ page (
Our teen program starts with a specific Teens beginner program, it is a month of one hour classes on Mondays and Fridays at 4pm. There will be no adults classes on or CrossFit Kids so they can get a feel for the place and be introduced to lifting.
Once successfully completed you have two ways teens can go: they can continue with weightlifting with a program individually designed for them, to be completed within the weightlifting time slots. Alternatively you can ask to enter regular CrossFit classes.

All this information and more is on the website so please read through.  We have updated and added a lot of info on the weightlifting the plus program and added a FAQ page too.
We are taking interest for June’s Teens program with the start date of 2/6/2014, so please send us an email at

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