Lifestyle Challenge week 3

Holy moley it’s already week 3!!!

Don’t think it’s too late to join, it’s free to sign up and plenty of prizes to win.  Remember that this is purely to keep you motivated over the winter months so do your best and train consistently.

The easiest competition is the social media post, simply take a cool photo of you training and use the hashtag #teamstaytrue and at the end of the 8 weeks we will chose the best and they will win a $50 wod life voucher.

This weeks break down

Monday – option a – 1km walk, option b – 5km run. Try and go further than week 1 or complete it faster than your previous attempt.

Tuesday – practice you skipping or double under skipping and if you are up for it attempt the workout annie which involves skipping and sit-ups. Time the workout and post your results to the group.

Wednesday – Measure how far you can jump! Mark your starting point. Land and measure the shortest point. Post your results and be proud.

Thursday – Today is a booty workout. Work your hamstrings legs and glutes.

Friday – Friday is for getting upside down and practicing a skill. Try and improve from the last time we did them.

Saturday – interval training today. Download a tabata timer app or simply do 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds. Today is planks and squats.

Sunday – REST or catch up on a missed session.

If you still want to join simply click HERE and type TEAMSTAYTRUE into the access code in the top right

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