Lifestyle Challenge Week 2

What an amazing start to the challenge, it’s so amazing seeing everyone doing the daily challenges, doing something that is outside of their comfort zone.  If you have any cool photos of your training send them to us and we will repost them. Use our hashtag #teamstaytrue so we can find them online. Don’t forget the prize for best photo.

This week has been published so check the app and plan your week of training.

Sunday – Rest day. Use the day to catch up on a missed session, take the family outside, walk a kilometer in bunnings or mow.

Monday – CrossFit workout Cindy. Universally scalable so all fitness levels can participate.

Tuesday – We will be working on speed so record your times and post your best times in the group to compare.

Wednesday – Wednesday involves having a lay down and trying out a breathing technique. Give it a go and tell us what you think.

Thursday – We would like you on Thurday to test your vertical jump. All you need is a wall, a tape measure and something to mark it with. We recommend some kids chalk as it can be cleaned off easily. Simply stand next to the wall, stretch you arm to full extension and make a mark with the chalk. Then jump as high as possible with the chalk in your hand and measure the height.

Friday – Friday has two options, a 3 x 3 minute mini workout with squats and box jumps/step ups. The 2nd option is another CrossFit workout ‘Nicole’. 400m runs and pull ups. Scale the pull ups and enjoy the intensity.

Saturday – To finish off the week get upside down. We want you to practice learning how to handstand. Take 15 minutes to work through a progression. Find some grass, find a wall, wherever you are at with the skill, just spend some time and play.

More stuff will be posted during the week to help aid you in the challenges but please give them all a go, log your results and train hard, train consistently and learn to love exercising.

Access code is “teamstaytrue” join up via the website

or download the Train Heroic App.

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