Outwork the Competition

To beat the competition you need to not only be determined but you need to train smarter than the rest.
Working with one of our experienced strength and conditioning coaches, you will have specific training programs written to your sport and your goals.  You will also have an experienced coaches eye, keeping you on track and making sure you are performing the movements as intended.

  • Develop explosive power to hit harder, sprint faster, throw/kick further .
  • Build overall strength so you can move heavy loads, work more efficiently
  • Increase cardiac output so you can out run, out jump and have the stamina to work longer during competitions.
  • Systematically remove your weaknesses. Becoming a well rounded athlete not only makes you more competitive, overcoming weaknesses will prevent injuries.

Set apart from the competition, train harder, eat better, run faster, jump higher and be more productive than the person opposing you.

Who can benefit from this?

People who want to take their sport more seriously and maybe have the work capacity to get through a game easier or reach a higher level and represent their region/state/country.

We accept pre-teen through to masters athletes, ideally we want a level of maturity to keep focused on the program and who wants to be coached.

This is ideal for competitive sports either team based such as rugby league/union, football, hockey or individual sports like martial arts , weightlifting or competitive CrossFit.

How do we start?

Book in a Introductory pack of 3 private training sessions. Session time are booked to suit your schedule.
After this we will design you a program and you can train with us in our strength and conditioning facility during coaching times.

*** Team bookings welcome, ask about the discounted rate ***

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