Starting fitness the right way – Private training to build your confidence

Stepping into a gym and starting a new exercise program can be a daunting thought. We completely understand and want your first experience with us to be exciting! Our private ‘on ramp’ sessions are perfect to set you up for the future and ease you seamlessly into the class environment.

No matter your fitness level and whether you have train in functional movements before, 3 private sessions with one of our coaches has major advantages. Working with a coach will give you quality time working on some of the fundamental movements and aspects of our classes.  They will guide you through the steps and let you understand the movement better.  Got injuries or weaknesses? The coach will be able to assess you and give you guidance on how to move better and exercises/stretches to improve positions.

A 40 minute ‘on ramp’ session will consist of:

  • A coach taking you through a basic warm up consisting of general movements, stretches and light cardio.
  • We believe that general strength is key to living a healthy life so after the warm up we will teach you how to do one of our important strength movements. The first session you will do will teach you a box squat or possibly a back squat with a barbell (depending on your level of fitness.)  We will spend 15 minutes and you might progress to adding more weight on the bar or we might just stick light and perfect the technique.
  • Once we have finished with our strength portion we move onto a cardio workout.  These workouts are short and sharp with the goal of moving well while keeping the intensity high.  We will teach you how work through these to the best of your ability. All workouts in the intro session and classes are scaleable so we can do them with much or as little weight as needed to challenge you. The movements use your major muscle groups and equipment like kettlebells, dumbbells and medicine balls.
  • Finally once we are all hot and sweaty we have a light stretch to cool down and a chat.

All three sessions are different with each teaching you new skills that we use regularly in classes.  By the end of the three pack you will have more confidence with the movements, you will have been exposed to the workout style and be ready to graduate into the group classes.

To get started this week, fill out the form below to organise your first session.  We will work around your schedule so you can book in around work / school / partners.  Also if you aren’t keen on doing this solo – get a friend or loved one to start the same time as book in together!

Beginner ‘On-Ramp’ Pack

Purchasing the beginner pack will give you 3 private sessions with one of our experienced coaches. We will contact you and find a time that best suits your schedule to start. Alternatively we can give you a gift voucher for a loved one.


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