Youth state champs

I just wanted to congratulate Zac and Hope for their efforts at the QLD youth championships at Toowoomba.  They both represented the club well and I am proud to call myself their coach.

Hope Ward did great in the 69kg category finishing on a competition personal best 36kg snatch and 47kg clean and jerk, narrowly missing 51kg taking bronze with a pb total of 83kg. She was also awarded the William Faulker Performance Trophy for her large improvements in her competition results.

Zac Schroeder also took bronze in the 85kg category with stellar performance with personal bests of 60kg snatch, 80kg clean and jerk to achieve 140kg total, 5kg shy of national requirements. He also took the William Faulker Performance Trophy for his session too due to his improvements in competition.  These results were outstanding and we hope to do one better next weekend and achieve the E grade total for 77kg category.

I’m so proud of both their maturity and preparations leading into the event, the medals and trophies are a bonus. Weightlifting is a sport where coaches and athletes work very closely together and share the highs and lows, they worked hard for this.

We are always taking on new members and have a great crew that support each other and make training a blast.  We want anyone from high school deep into masters, if you want to join a club that will push you and find your potential then please feel free to message and organise a free trial session.

Our next club competition is Saturday 14th May kicking off at 3pm with mens presentations.  Feel free to come support us, it’s always a fun day

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