2016 National Championships

With the national championship weekend done and dusted now is the time to recharge the batteries and bring the vast knowledge gained back to the club.

This year I was given the chance to step into a QLD coaching role and am so grateful for the opportunity to join the 6 other coaching staff to work with the 70 state athletes.  Stressful and exhausting is an understatement and the three days were so full on I will need a week to recover fully but events like this once again drive home why I am in this sport in this role and I don’t want to be anywhere else.

My athlete Joey Collins achieved his national qualification at this year’s state championship as intended so we were building for this weekend all year.  With eyes set in January we plotted out the next 9 months and methodically built our strength and honed our skills all for Sunday morning and like intended we hit that platform ready and with confidence.
We came out with personal bests in both snatch and clean and jerk and a pb total too.  Joey lifted 108/112/115kg in the snatch then followed it up with 140/145/149kg in the clean and jerk giving him a 264kg total. Words cannot describe how proud I am of him and the time he spends in the gym and at home dedicated to self-improvement.  As the dust settles we will sit down and goal set for the future and hit our 2017 goals full force.

Thank you to Miles, Angela, Greg and Coral for the mentoring and thank you to Kathy and Greg Olive for the support as we stressed our way through the amazing but long three days of competition.  Thank you to team manager Sonia for keeping everything running smoothly and Ian Moir for the successfully run championship.

Finally a thank you to the club members and families that came down to support Joey and help officiate the sessions.  Jemma and Laura both did time keeping while Kailea, Tom and Jemma help load for multiple sessions.

This is only the beginning and I look forward to what the future holds for me, my club and my state.

  • Cam

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