Our club is only as strong as it’s volunteers and supports.

I’d like to thank all the partners, the parents and the children of our members for supporting their busy schedules, for driving them to training and for cheering at competitions. It’s not easy but we appreciate it.

A huge thank you to everyone who comes and volunteers their time to help run our competitions too.  For a comp to flow all jobs are equally important so thank you to all our referees, our time keepers, our loaders, our photographers and our canteen and bbq runners.  All of our competitions so far have been run so well and professionally and I don’t think we could have achieved this without the knowledge and experience of our cherished member, Deb Keelan.  Thank you Deb and thank you to all of the team who take time off work, who travel just to help and who fit in around their own lifting refereeing and loading jobs.

Jemma and I have big plans for our locally run comps this year so if you are interested in becoming a referee or want to help out in anyway please ask.  We will be running a referee course in April for our members and would love you attend.

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