Updates to our Weightlifting Club

Our gym has two seperate areas, we have the popular CrossFit Gympie at the front section and down the back we have the Stay True Weightlifting Club.  Both have very different objectives and separate memberships.

2015 brings updates to both sides to improve the running of the facility, this update is related to the Stay True Weightlifting Club.  In 2015 the club will open up its doors to more demographics.  The club’s focus is always on the growing of our weightlifting program in regards to development of athletes for representing our club.  But in 2015 we are growing the club to house extra programs including and include more people.  These new programs are:

Rehabilitation programming for people needing specific treatment to return to work, general life or full exercise.

– General fitness programs for people wanting to return to exercise but worried that they aren’t ready.  Nice alternative to joining a gym or doing personal training as you are working with a coach. 

– Remote membership for people who don’t live in Gympie but wanting detailed programs to fit into their schedule and improve their life/sport and still be part of and represent our club. 

– Sports performance programming where cross training with weightlifting will improve your performance in your main sport.

For more information on pricing please click here


Remote member program

Live away from Gympie but still want to train and lift under our name? Apply for a remote membership.

  • Individualised in depth programming, designed to fit your schedule and goals.
  • Fifo workers, people who work on the road, weightlifters who live out of town, out of town athletes wanting to incorporate weightlifting into training.
  • Base level of training is expected
  • Requirement of a minimum of one session within the gym each month for technique fixing and motivation.
  • Able to help out when needed, participate in weightlifting meets and represent the club.
  • 12 week program $50 upfront program payment then $15 pw direct debit. Upfront payment available.
  • Available for weekend sessions to fit your schedule
  • Video and workout and food journal analysis by coach
  • Access to closed group, special events


Rehab program/General fitness program

New to 2015, Are you injured and needing to return to regular duties or return back to training?  Our club is able to help.
Want to start exercising but gyms are intimidating?  This program will introduce you to general weights with the intention to build functionality and get you in better shape.

  • able to work closely with physios/chiro/doctors
  • Keep you motivated, working towards goals
  • friendly environment
  • Supervised by qualified coach. Bookings essential
  • 6 week blocks, payment of your own program $50 then $20 per week for your block.
  • If a full program is supplied from your physio, physiologist then just pay the membership of $20 per week.

* You will need to contact us via email (info@crossfitgympie.com) with some information on injuries and background on yourself for eligibility.


Part time Weightlifter / Sports Performance program

  • 6 week commitment of $30 per week direct debit with an upfront $50 detailed program tailored to the needs and goals of your sport
  • develop strength, speed, power and mobility to improve your performance in sport
  • supervised by qualified coach
  • work around your sports training and game schedule.
  • Part time weightlifter for people who have limited time to train each week but still dedicated to working towards the skills of weightlifting and working towards goals of competitions.


Teen Weightlifting

Our teen weightlifting is still going strong, we want all teens in here learning how to lift, building up functional strength and having fun with CrossFit workouts and core work.

  • No experience required
  • 12 to 17 years old
  • Beginner program – 8 session block – discounted to $50 – to be used at own pace
  • Intermediate program – 8 session block – $80 cash or $15/pw direct debit
  • Athlete program – 6 week block – 2 to 5 sessions per week – $20/pw
  • Opportunities to be able to compete in local weightlifting competition and possibly state and national level
  • Access to closed facebook group
  • Access to special event, discounts, opportunities


For more information or eligibility please email us at info@crossfitgympie.com

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