End of April news and stuff …

Hi guys,

As we are leading into our official open (still TBA) we are fine tuning our classes and how we run the place.  We are here to serve you so  we would love feedback on our class times i.e. do these times suit everyone? Is there a need for a lunch class?


Our next thing to address is, we have time before and between some classes where members can get their own training in or work on skills.  If you are familiar with the term ‘open gym’  then this is that.  What can you can do in these times? If you are competent then you can get in and train, do the strength or CrossFit class if you don’t want to hang around and do both classes, work on your weaknesses or practice skills that you need more time and help with.  These are times are partially supervised so get in and train, ask for some help and progress.  It is available to all paying members, so utilise the time spend in these doors.


Our strength classes have started this week, this is exciting to me.  Response so far is that the strength class seems daunting.  We only ask that you give it a go, strength is covered in CrossFit classes but with this program we can focus on building up a higher level where you learn how to lift more indepth, start getting stronger and have fun.  Remember ladies , more muscle will burn more fat and the lifts are scalable so you start at what you can handle.


Finally, we want every Saturday morning class to be ‘social saturday’.  What that means is the workout will be based around teamwork and meeting new people.  To encourage people, if you are on a ramp up, 6 pack or double header package then the Saturday morning (8.30am) session is free and doesn’t count towards the package.  We encourage to invite a friend or family to come play too so make sure you ask people.  This will be a trial so if you want it to stay get in and utilise it.

Finally, here’s a picture of Rolly destroying it as usual. 🙂

CrossFit Gympie Handstands

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