December at Stay True H&F

Hi everyone,

This is a run down of all the goings on during December with the gym.

14th – STWC Xmas Club Comp!
Our annual weightlifting meet to celebrate our weightlifters and how far they have progressed over the year. If any CrossFitters would like to have a lift please let me know. Also, if anyone would like to be involved as a referee I can give you more information about that too πŸ˜€
The lifting will run after the normal CF class. Weigh in at 9am, lifting will start at 10am. All lifters need to do their registration through the QWA website as usual.
Friends, family and other spectators all welcome.

21st – Dress Up Workout and Christmas Party!
7:30am is the dress up workout! Can’t wait to see your Grinch, reindeer and sexy Mrs. Claus outfits πŸ˜‰
3pm is the Christmas party at Gympie Lawn Bowls on Southside (Behind CCC)
$6 per person to play bowls. Bring a plate to share. Cheap drinks available at the bar! All Stay True members are invited to both the workout and party! Kids and partners welcome to the party.
This will be our last day for the year.

23rd of Dec to 4th of Jan – Closed
We will taking a much needed rest from classes for the two week break over Christmas/New Years. Use this time to hang out with your family, eat lots of yummy food, go to the beach or climb a mountain. I will post home workouts to SugarWOD each day for anyone still wanting to do some workouts with little or no equipment.
If you have any concerns about this, please send me a message or let me know when you see me next πŸ™‚

6th of Jan – Kick off 2020!


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