Rehabilitation / Improving Daily Living

No matter your age or limitations, we are here to regain your freedom. 

Private training with one of our coaches will give you a specially designed session to repair injuries and give you a better quality of life.  Whether you are injured, wanting basic fitness or recommended by a specialist, we offer tailor made sessions to get your life back on track.  Work within your limitations with smart slow progressions to better reach your goals and keep you healthy and active.

You will have your own experienced coach keeping you on track with intelligently designed programming.  Our 30 minute or 60 minute sessions will get you moving more freely, build functional muscle, lose body fat and improve bone density.
We are happy to work closely with your doctors and specialists to give you the best possible results.

*** Enquire about bringing a friend for added support. ***

Restart your life today and gain the freedom of health.

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