From weight-loss to weightlifting – a five year story in the making

This is a story that I hope resonates with a lot of people.  A lot of people talk about losing weight and the first step is extremely hard.  But what you never think of is where this can take you.

Telia has been with us since the first month of opening CrossFit Gympie and has clocked more hours in the gym than anyone else.  I wanted to share her story to inspire those coming into the new year and show that consistency, stubbornness and working with professional coaches is key to long term success.

We are here for your first steps through to your end goal. Through personal training we believe is the best start for your journey.  Session times are available morning, noon and night so book in today.  Want more information? Send us a message or email us.


January 2012 is when I changed my life forever. I weighted 159kgs, I had 2 young children. Something had to change. I purchased a double pram and started walking. Only small distances to start with, 1km, then 2km, then 3km. But you have to start somewhere. As the weight slowly started to fall off I walked further. One day I was walking with the pram down the road and I got the urge to run. I ran, for the first time in years, it was only for a short time, but the rush I got from being able to do it! Amazing. That’s when it really kicked started, my weight loss and fitness journey. I needed a goal to work towards. I am a goal orientated person, I need to achieve to stay focused. So I set myself a goal of a half marathon, 21kms. Ridiculous!

In April 2013 I joined CrossFit Gympie, I needed to add some weight training into my running program. I needed to build muscle. I has no problem when it came to cardio, but I knew I had to start focusing on getting my body stronger.

Finally August 2013 the day had arrived, 18 months after I had set myself the goal of running a half marathon. I stood at the starting line, I weighted 84kgs, I had lost 75kgs. I had already won! I had changed my life! I ran that half marathon, when I crossed the finished line, I collapsed, not from physical exhaustion, I was just so overwhelmed with what I had achieved. I cried, tears of joy.

I woke up that next day and thought, what now? And for a while I continued to run and do crossfit 5 times a week, but I just had nothing to work towards, it wasn’t a challenge for me mentally. I needed a new goal.

In January 2015 I started weightlifting. This was it! I had found the challenge I was looking for. Not only physically, but mentally. And the thing about weightlifting is there is always a competition to train for. It was a perfect fit for me. Something you learn very quickly with weightlifting is that it’s not about what everyone else’s is doing, it’s about your goals and what you want to achieve. Yes, there are people that can lift heavier than me, there are people with much better technique than me. But, you will not find a person who has the commitment that I have. I am committed to achieving what I set out to do. I fail, a lot, but it’s about what you do after you fail that shows the real you. You stand up, dust yourself off and you try again! You don’t walk out that door and say, this is all too hard and quit! Life isn’t about quitting, if it was, who knows how much I would weight by now!

In October 2017 I completed in the Oceania Masters Weightlifting Championships, I got to wear the green and gold. How many people can say they have represented Australia? My children where there, aged 7 and 5. The look of pride on their faces when I walked out wearing the green and gold made all those hours of training worth it.

My son said, “You’re the best and strongest mum in the world”. I had a cry.

I love it! The rush you get when you lift well is like no other rush! That sense of achievement when you get a personal best, it’s like a drug! It’s addictive. I have swapped my overeating to achieving. Stop with the excuses, you’re only kidding yourself.

I am a single mum. I work full-time in a professional job. I am a competitive weightlifter. This is me, and I wouldn’t change anything! How is your story going to end?


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