Teens Programming

Teens Weightlifting, CrossFit and sports performance


For any teenager in the Gympie area wanting to find an exciting and fun sport.

CrossFit Gympie and Stay True Weightlifting have come together to build a program that high school students can utilise to get strong and powerful, become more flexible, challenge themselves and develop a healthy body image.

Working closely with Head Coach Cameron Arthur, our teens programming is specially designed to be a balance between skill development, strength and conditioning and flexibility.  The goal is to grow them to be a better person and sports person so they get the attention needed on the skills of weightlifting while building functional strength and having fun with CrossFit workouts and building core strength.

Our program transfers over to other sports so anyone wanting to improve performance in their chosen sport.  So whether they are wanting to compete in weightlifting, improve their own sport or simply to enjoy fitness and have fun, they will find a rewarding challenge and skills that will develop and shape them through teenage years and adult life.

  • Introduction – $50 for first 8 session fundamental pack.
  • Unlimited access to training for only $15 per week.
  • Available weekdays 3.30pm to 7.30pm. Morning sessions by appointment.
  • Located Southside, Gympie just up from the racecourse.
  • Afternoon buses, travel to southside school and available to stop at the top of the street.


Fill out the form below and book for your first session today!

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