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Weightlifting Foundations wl foundations

Difficulty Level – Beginner
Who is this for? Novice lifters either wanting to improve their skills for CrossFit or people wanting to begin weightlifting and gain confidence with the barbell.
Sessions per week – up to 3
Session length – 1 hr. Sessions can be tailored to your schedule. Train as a stand alone program or use to supplement around your group class schedule.
What to expect – Master the basics, spend time on the Olympic lifts with a structured program designed to build technique and strength. Slowly build up progression and test every 6 weeks. Successful completion of blocks will guarantee results.
Use this program to supplement your CrossFit or as an introduction to weightlifting for future advanced programs.

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Weightlifting Club st weightlifting full

Difficulty Level – Intermediate
Who is this for? Lifters who dedicate their training to the sport of weightlifting. This program can be completed by anyone who is familiar with weightlifting, it works off percentages so having experience will give the program substance.
Sessions per week – Up to 5
Session length – 90 minutes +
What to expect – This is a stand alone program, expect blocks dedicated to strength or technical goals. Our goal is long-term growth and competition based goals.

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Programs are a great addition to your training schedule. Find a program that best suits your needs.  The difference between programs and teams? Teams have ongoing programming at a monthly subscription. Programs are a one off payment.










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