Intro to Exercise

We believe that to get the most out of our facility and give you long term benefits, spending some quality time with a coach is key.

With our Intro pack you will have one of our experienced coaches for one on one sessions where you are taught key movements and help gain the confidence before you jump into one of our programs.

Learn Technique

Spend time being taught how to perform key exercises with barbells. Our coaches will help you move efficiently and teach safe lifting methods.

Find your feet

Be introduced to the different styles of our workouts. Our intro sessions are designed to slowly ramp up the intensity and expose you to a variety of movements in smart designed workouts for your fitness level.

Gain Confidence

By the end of your intro package you will have the skills, knowledge and confidence to move into a program that interests you. Our coaches are here to help guide you on your health and fitness journey.

How do you start?

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