Lift & Sweat

Our group classes are focused on improving one’s health and lifestyle. The style of class we teach is designed to be inclusive so people of any fitness level can come train. 
We teach a hour class that is fun, offers variety with every day a combination of : lifting weights for strength and bone density, high intensity workouts for fat loss and cardio fitness, learning fun gymnastic and weightlifting skills and regaining flexibility with regular stretching.

Every day has a different workout so one day we could be performing back squats to strengthen our legs, back and core followed by a work out with tyre flips, sit-ups and rowing. The following day could be improving our posture with pull ups and learning how to do handstands with a workout of burpees, push ups and running.
Why? To give you well rounded results and make you a better person.

  • Weekdays – 5.30am and 5.15pm
  • Saturday – partner workout 7.30am

What People Say

Cam and Jemma are so accommodating and understanding. Top place to smash out the best YOU can and know you have professional guidance and support.


I have to say both the trainers Cameron and Jemma are exceptional. They tell you exactly what suits your abilities. I think it’s is a must try.


Awesome people, awesome workouts, awesome fun, awesome results – join now!!!


Let’s start your fitness journey together.

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