Clinics and Demos

Bring weightlifting to your school / club / gym

School demonstrations 

We want the world to know about weightlifting and want nothing more than the youth of today to be active.  We are available for school visits where we can run large group sessions on basic movements.

School sports

HPE class need something different for a semester? Friday afternoon sport options are dull? We are available for a weightlifting and CrossFit class to be held at our premises

Club strength and conditioning 

Does your sporting club need an edge over the competition? Cross training programs can be designed to compliment your sport and work around the season. Perfect for pre season or mid season maintenance.

Weightlifting clinics

We are available to come to your gym or box and run clinics on the snatch and/or the clean and jerk. Perfect for CrossFit gyms to clean up technique flaws or for commercial gym trainers for teaching and identifying technique.




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