Stage 1 – More Information

We are back!!! Very exciting news for everyone as I’m sure we are all missing the routine and motivation.

We have a slight shift to our model for the QLD Stage 1 of reopening the state so please take a read and get excited.

Opening days

For the next period we will be open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday morning. More days may open up when needed but we want to fill these days first.


We will be training outdoors from our gym (12 Du Rietz Ct, Southside, QLD, 4570.) So we will be using the carpark, our grassed area and the cul de sac.


We are implementing a booking system to make booking easy. Please find the link here.


We suggest you join our facebook closed group too so if the times don’t suit you can find others wanting varied training times. We want you to have more options to train so spend some time on our closed group and speak to a coach.

A More Open Model

Moving forward we are adjusting our model. We will have an AM and a PM group class and the rest of the day is available for you to book in. We are open to:
Private one on one sessions
– Small group sessions (2 to 4)
– NDIS session

What this hopefully means for you is more opportunities to train and get back on the barbell. These times can be custom made to your goals in private sessions or return to your regular strength and conditioning training that you grew to love pre-covid-19.
Communication is key in this time so
1- Use our booking system to lock in sessions.
2 – Want a certain time? check our Facebook closed group to see who wants a partner for other session times. Post in the group if you want a partner and we all will work with you to organise it.

Group classes

During stage 1 we will be running two outdoor boot camp classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We will also run a Saturday morning session at 7.30am.
Times – 5.30am and 5.30pm. These classes start on time and run from 45 to 60 minutes.
Size – Limited to 9 people.
Goal – In this time is to get people moving so classes are open to our members and the general public. Fitness level – All fitness levels are welcome, we scale your workout to suit so now is the best time to get in and move.
Bookings – Bookings essential, please check the link and make sure to book ahead.
Required – Towel or yoga mat is needed as we will be on cement and grass. Bring water. Our toilet is unavailable so please make sure you are prepared.

Online program

During this Stage 1 easing of restrictions we will continue to offer our online home training. There will be minimal equipment and scalable options for all households. Message us to set it up.


Online – $10 per week
Group Boot Camp Class – $15 per class
Personal training – $50 for 1hr
Small group training – $60 for 1hr split between people attending (e.g. 4 people at $15 each, 3 people at $20 each)

Health and Safety

In this weird time we really need to prioritise health and safety. Before the lockdown we enforced hand washing, cleaning equipment and social distancing. Moving forward we will continue with our methods. Our group classes will not be sharing equipment, we will also attempt to use minimal equipment and use the 4m squared spacing that is required. Cleaning all equipment before and after use, hands and areas will remain and be enforced. Sickness will be a major issue this winter so of course if you are sick in any form then there will be no training. If we are transparent and conscious of our health and safety during this period we have a greater chance of returning to something more normal in 4 weeks.


We will be outdoors so no area for kids during group classes as they would count towards the group numbers. In private or small group training then this may be an option as we can possibly set them up somewhere quiet and away from us training. Communication is key so please talk to us and confirm with us before your session.

Thank you for your patience, we understand everyone has had their lives turned upside down. We are just a small business trying to survive and give you the best options to socialise, de-stress and work towards your health and fitness goals. If you want to have a coffee and a chat to work out your plan of attack, please dont hessitate to message and book.

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