At Home Membership

Thanks everyone for your kind words of support. We appreciate every one of you 🙂

We will be introducing an At Home Membership option. We have done our best to include as much value into this as we can for you. This is a membership package for all Stay True members (weightlifting, lift & sweat (previously CrossFit) and the ladies crew)

It will include:

  • Access to SugarWOD
  • Full class videos through SugarWOD
  • Social Stretch through Zoom (Zoom is an online video conferencing website)
  • Competitions, challenges and members choice workouts

I am in the middle of editing the first full class video! These videos are designed for you to workout along side with. It will run just like our normal classes with a warm up, movement demos, workout and cool down. I am hoping to have this ready to go for tomorrow morning! I have done the basics today using our mobiles, however the quality will improve once our big camera is set up to film and I pick up a microphone tomorrow. The videos will play through SugarWOD. Each workout will include options for people with and without equipment.
(The first video features my first WOD in quite some time, haha. I will be so fit at the end of this isolation!)

It has become clear to us that the social side of fitness is almost as important as the fitness side of fitness. I think it is important for us to keep in contact with each other as social distancing becomes more and more enforced. The idea is for these to run like our regular ROMWOD’s would normally, having a stretch and chat with friends. The first one will run Wednesday 24th at 6:30pm. The social stretches will run through Zoom. I will need your email to invite you into the session. Our plan is to run these at 6:30am and 6:30pm Monday to Friday. I am flexible to these times so if the group thinks a different time is better we can adjust. The first one will be for free so shoot me your email so you can try it out!

Amongst all this we will be running some comps, mini challenges and members choice workouts to keep things exciting and motivating!

The At Home Membership membership will be at a cost of $30 per week. Your payments have all been suspended at this stage, so if you would like to opt into this I will update your PaySmart accounts to this amount. If you decide not to sign up I completely understand but I may need to remove you from SugarWOD. I will still post a couple of free workouts each week onto our socials for anyone unable to pay for this.

As I said before, each workout will include options to be done with or without equipment. We have been asked by a few of you about the possibility of hiring equipment from the gym. Unfortunately our insurance does not cover this, so the deposit I would expect from it is too high. You may as well buy something of your own for home. Dumbbells are an excellent option because they are so versatile. I had a look today at some options I have through my wholesale accounts and will attach an equipment price list at the end of the post. If you would like to purchase anything please let me know ASAP.

If you would like one-on-one online training it is something that we can offer for you, we just need a minute to get our heads around everything before we start that.

Please reach out if you have any ideas, feedback or questions!



Equipment Price List
-Freight is not included in the price, it goes on weight so it will be split evenly depending on your purchases. Once I know what people want to order I can get a quote and confirm with you before going ahead
-I can get other weights on the dumbbells and plates I just thought these would be the most popular.

15kg bar$250.00
20 kg bar$250.00
1.25 plate$15.00
2.5 plateN/A 😦
5 bumper$90.00
10 bumper$110.00
20 bumper$180.00
Dumbbell (pair)
Slam Ball
Jelly Rope$5.00
Speed Rope$10.00
Outdoor Rope$20.00
Plyo Box
8/12/20 inch$120.00
20/24/30 inch$135.00
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