Our Gym and the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Hi guys, much like other gyms and fitness centres we are taking a proactive approach to how we run our classes to best protect you and ourselves in the coming months.

We are taking our health seriously so we have to bring in some simple procedures to follow to help reduce the spread and keep our community healthy and continuing to exercise.

1. Cleaning & disinfecting. We will step up our cleaning efforts after each session but there will also be spray bottles of disinfectant stationed around the gym as well as antibacterial gym wipes, help us stay on top of the cleaning.

2. Wipe down all equipment you touch before & after use. Please use be dutiful to wipe down equipment before and after and anything else you feel may need extra disinfecting.

3. Wash your hands before and after workouts, for at least 20 seconds. Soap is provided in the bathroom.

4. Reduce touch points at the gym where practical.
– We will make sure to give workouts a bit of extra room (1m space is recommended)
– Saturday morning partner workouts will be adjusted to single person stations instead.
– Bring a towel for stretching and ground exercises.

5. Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough. We will have tissues available

6. Classes will remain the same but for anyone wanting to avoid crowds we will reduce personal training costs to help accommodate. Times will be available outside of class times.

7. Home training options for members wanting to avoid crowds. We will be adding a daily home workout to SugarWOD. There will be minimal equipment needed and great for all members. We want you to stay active in our community so use the Facebook group and share your workout and workout selfies with others.

8. We ask that our members only bring kids to the gym if 100% necessary. Kids can carry the coronavirus and show little to no symptoms. Please leave sick kids at home to prevent spreading germs.

9. Stay home if you are not feeling well. If in doubt cancel your session.

10. If you are diagnosed with the coronavirus, please let us know ASAP so we can take appropriate measures.

Continuing your health & fitness is the best way to boost your immune system during the flu season. If we lower the risks of you contracting the virus and any other illnesses then our community will come out on top.

We will let you know of any other changes as they happen.

❤ Jemma and Cam.

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