CFG Strength and Flexibility program

Introducing CFG’s Strength and Flexibility program

We have opened up added space in the gym for our brand new supplementary program. This program is based around improving flexibility and building up extra strength to help you reach your full potential.

Daily workouts are provided to strengthen weaknesses, build assistor muscles and most importantly to have fun.  Program length is 30 to 60 minutes and ideal for all levels.  Adding the program to your regular CrossFit classes will improve leg, back and shoulder strength. Consistently train for a month and see your CrossFit workouts become easier and your personal bests will go through the roof.

Also included in the program is access to our daily flexibility sessions. When performed around your regular group classes, you will improve and enhance positioning and improve recovery from training.  This is ideal for anyone serious about training or knows that their flexibility is lacking. Videos range for 15 to 40 minutes so you can get in a quick stretch daily and reap the benefits.

*** For the next fortnight we would like to offer all members a free trial. Come speak to us and we will give you more details. ***


Program includes: ·         6 days of daily strength wods specially designed to coincide with our class programming

·         Unlimited flexibility wod access

Who All members. This isn’t open gym or open to the public.
Level of coaching Self paced, partially supervised
Cost $10 a week added to your direct debit.  No lock in contract.

4.00 to 5pm

6.00 to 7pm

No bookings needed once signed up.


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