About us

Stay True started in 2010 as an outdoor personal training business in Gladstone parks, we were the first to open a CrossFit box in Gladstone before relocating and introducing Gympie to CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting.

Stay True Fitness is a private training facility servicing the Gympie region, setting us apart is our ability to achieve long lasting, life changing results.

How? By offering you services that cannot be matched.  You have access a professional network of professionals like expert coaches, nutritionists and up to date technology to guide you to achieving your health and fitness goals.

Stay True Fitness specializes in Strength and Conditioning. We teach you to move safe, smart and with purpose. In the gym you have access to Personal Training, group fitness classes and coached program based sessions.  While online we offer people who train at home, at a gym or at another CrossFit ‘box’ access to our coaching and world class programs.

Stay True is different to other gyms, we have an empowering, supportive community. We use our knowledge and experience of strength and conditioning to program you a training session that is smart, safe, results driven and is progressive, so you keep learning and improving within your limits.

Meet our Coaches

Cameron Arthur

“With over 15 years in the industry, I started my fitness career wanting to
bring functionality back into the aged communities’ lives.
Working in gyms as a gym instructor and personal trainer and owning my own business.  I have worked with a wide range of the community and special populations.


Opening CrossFit in 2012 was a milestone for Stay True as our journey took an exciting turn. Through affiliating we have been blessed to change thousands of people’s lives.  CrossFit has made people passionate about fitness and pushed ordinary people to achieve extraordinary feats.

I found Olympic weightlifting through CrossFit and extra studies and fell in love. Our weightlifting club has grown to accommodate all levels of athlete and we are blessed to have our team members representing us in local and state and international meets.


– Bachelor of Human Movement Science , Cert III and IV in Fitness

– National Weightlifting / Sports Power Coach Level 3 Intern Licence

– National Official Weightlifting Referee, Lvl 1 Strength and Conditioning coach

-Lvl 1 CrossFit trainer, CrossFit Weightlifting trainer, CrossFit Strongman trainer

-Head coach 2016 & 2017 QLD Masters Team, QLD Senior coach 2015 & 2016, QLD Junior assistant coach 2016

Jemma Cowper

“After finding CrossFit in 2011 and seeing the positive impact it was having on not only myself but our friends and family, I decided I wanted to help more people achieve their goals and do things they never would have dreamed of prior to CrossFit.

Jem meet coaches

Since then, I have completed a number of courses and seminars to try and bring the best information and services to our clients. After a number of years of coaching under Cameron I now run all of our our CrossFit classes and love bringing the excitement of health and fitness to the Gympie community. ”


– Level 2 CrossFit Trainer, Cert III in Fitness

National Weightlifting / Sports Power Coach Level 3 Intern Licence

– CrossFit Kids Trainer, CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer, CrossFit Mobility Trainer,

National Weightlifting Referee, 2017 U15 & U17 QLD Team Manager

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