Stay True Online Training

Introducing: Online Training Stay True Fitness is now online! We have partnered with TrainHeroic to bring our programs and team calendars to people without access to our facilities and we are quite excited to say the least. We have a training solution for everybody and all fitness levels are catered for. Home Training - Beginner … Continue reading Stay True Online Training

Afternoon strength and fitness sessions

Has your Gym program lost its direction?  Want to learn how to lift and gain confidence with a barbell? Want expert programs to build lean muscle and drop body fat? Our afternoon sessions would be perfect for you. Afternoon session times available for goal specific program tailored to you.  Our Coach Cam will write and … Continue reading Afternoon strength and fitness sessions

Outwork the Competition

To beat the competition you need to not only be determined but you need to train smarter than the rest. Working with one of our experienced strength and conditioning coaches, you will have specific training programs written to your sport and your goals.  You will also have an experienced coaches eye, keeping you on track … Continue reading Outwork the Competition

The Guideline to Long Term Fitness Success

This is the time of the year when your fitness goals start to losing their significance. The first few months are key to locking in training practices and developing good habits.  This article is based purely on my observations over my 15 years working in the fitness industry.   What we can do is help you … Continue reading The Guideline to Long Term Fitness Success

Win a 3 pack of Personal Training!

Each session is designed to give you the best chance of achieving your goals.  We program my sessions intelligently to give you the best bang for your buck.   Health goals – Reduce body fat, grow lean muscle, reduce pain. Performance goals – Improve CrossFit skills, Learning correct lifting technique, Cross train for your main … Continue reading Win a 3 pack of Personal Training!

Pre season strength and conditioning

With only have a few months left before the season kicks off, are you ready to return to the field? Make your 2018 season bigger and better than ever with some sport specific training. A session with our strength and conditioning coaches will put you into a better position on your return to pre-season training. Tailor … Continue reading Pre season strength and conditioning

3 Reasons Why You Should Start Working Out Today

It's that time of the year when everyone gets off their butts and gets on a health kick. Here are three key reasons why you should train past January and change your life. 1. Improve mental well-being - People rarely start exercising for their mental health, but this should be a main reason. Regular exercise … Continue reading 3 Reasons Why You Should Start Working Out Today

Rehabilitation / Improving Daily Living

No matter your age or limitations, we are here to regain your freedom.  Private training with one of our coaches will give you a specially designed session to repair injuries and give you a better quality of life.  Whether you are injured, wanting basic fitness or recommended by a specialist, we offer tailor made sessions … Continue reading Rehabilitation / Improving Daily Living

From weight-loss to weightlifting – a five year story in the making

This is a story that I hope resonates with a lot of people.  A lot of people talk about losing weight and the first step is extremely hard.  But what you never think of is where this can take you. Telia has been with us since the first month of opening CrossFit Gympie and has clocked … Continue reading From weight-loss to weightlifting – a five year story in the making

Masters Weightlifting comp squad

Masters Weightlifting is the Olympic sport of weightlifting for persons 35 years old or older. Weightlifting is the ultimate sport of strength and power and should not be confused with powerlifting, bodybuilding, or general weight training. Weightlifting consists of two events; the snatch and the clean-and-jerk.  Health benefits from regular training in the sport are: … Continue reading Masters Weightlifting comp squad