Come for the weightlifting, live for our community

Supportive community

We believe that our club is special. Everyone here wants you to succeed so our environment is very friendly. We are a proud member of the QWA and host local competitions as well as travel to compete in QLD and national championships.
Our team spirit separates us from gym as even though this is an individual sport, you will train and travel with others and think of them as your family.
Start a beginner program and join our family!

Effective programming

Anyone can lift weights but the way to get results is through smart programming over time.  Weightlifting isn’t as easy as it looks on TV, it will take months and years to get the hang of the major lifts.
Our programming is structured to build a solid foundation from which we can progress you over the months and years.  Here we want the best out of you so you will have your weaknesses identified and worked on making you an all round better athlete.  Nutrition is key so focus is made to incorporate our trusted specialist so as to be accurately fueled for training, competition and life in general.
If you are after longterm success we will take you from beginner to elite.


Session times

With multiple sessions daily, we hope to cater for your busy schedule.


  • 8am to 11am


  • 3.30pm to 6.30pm



  • 7.30am to 9am


* Make sure to arrive early so you can complete your program in full.

** Booking is essential for your first session. Book here!

*** Alternatively private training is available outside of those hours. Book here

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