Group Classes

Fun, Friendship, Fitness

Our goal with group classes are to help you find your passionate for exercising and to get your fitness into a routine that fits around your work, family and social life. 
Becoming part of our team will see you in the best shape you have ever been in and with our positive support network of coaches, nutritionists and training partners, you will achieve long-term success. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Lift & Sweat

Lift & Sweat

A varied fitness program that combines weight training, HIIT training, cardiovascular exercise and flexibility to give you a well rounded, fun and functional training experience.

Ladies Crew

Ladies Crew

Our Female Fitness group class is a program that is specially designed to build muscle tone, burn body fat and give you a judgement free support group.

Tin Can Bay Wellness


Our wellness program offers Tin Can Bay residents a chance to improve their daily living through functional training methods.

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