Group Fitness Class

Socialise and de-stress

Build strength and fitness

Prioritise your health and wellness

Fun, Friendship, Fitness

Are you looking for somewhere to get fit and have a good time while you are doing it?! Look no further than our Stay True Group Fitness classes.

Do you often rock up to the gym with no idea what to do so you end up walking on the treadmill? These sessions are for you!

Are you new to exercise or returning after a break? Or maybe you are already pretty fit and play a bit of sport? Each workout is scalable to your fitness level, so you can dial it back if you need to while the person beside you ramps it up.

Our workouts are designed to help you improve your overall fitness. We use a combination of strength, cardio and core exercises to give you a well rounded workout. Our experienced coaches will guide you through the session from warm up to cool down.

Where – 12 Du Rietz Court, Southside, QLD, 4570

When – Monday to Thursday

Times – 9am

Who – Adults of all fitness levels

Price – $15 per class or $135 for a 10 session pass

Bookings are essential as we cap our classes so we can give you a better experience with our coaches.



If these class times don’t suit you check out our personal training options.


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