Stay True April Updates

  • Easter holidays free teens classes – Week 2 starts on Monday, thanks for the attendance so far. It’s great to be able to bring weights to an age group that get overlooked.  If you are interested there is still time. Just send us a message and book a spot. Bring a friend if you don’t want to come alone.


  • Congratulations to Telia on a silver medal at this weekend’s QLD masters championships. This was her second time and performed much better. It’s great to see progress and competing is a fun aspect of the sport.
    The sport of weightlifting has junior, adult and masters categories so everyone can participate. Why not join us and work towards your first meet.


  • We only have 4 weeks before a handful of our younger lifters compete at the state junior championships. We held a mini competition recently to gain confidence and increase our competitive lifts and I am excited to take them to Toowoomba.  The goal with competing is similar to a team sport, they train hard during the week for the Saturday afternoon match. A weightlifting meet is just the same.  Good luck and let’s better ourselves.


  • Welcome to a couple of new remote members. Since moving to Gympie we have always coached members who couldn’t regularly train at the gym. Welcome our two newest members Cathy from Maryborough and Bec who is currently living in South Korea.
    Remote membership consists of programs similar to our regular lifters but instead of on site coaching we perform everything via video analysis, skype and messages.
    Ideally we want you to train at least once a month in person and like any long distance work everyone needs to be 100% on board.  If you think this is something that you need, please email us.


  • Take the time to read through our new website, this club has a focus on weightlifting but we do offer certain other programs. Injured and needing to return to your sport/workplace? We can work with you and your physio to rehabilitate you.
    We offer returning to fitness programs where you can have the attention needed to gain confidence, skills and strength to step up into harder programs or step over to CrossFit classes.
    Finally we do offer demonstrations for your school or sports club. Want to run a workshop on lifting technique or how we can improve performance for your athletes, we can help.  Depending on size and time, we can travel to you or come train at our facilities.
    Anything sound up your alley? Send us an email.


  • Finally, 6 weeks until our next in house competition.  Saturday May 14th will be our second club competition for 2016 and we want you.  Want to join the club and lift? Plenty of time to get started. Want to volunteer your time? We are always chasing helping hands.  We want this one to be the biggest to date so mark it in your calendar and if you are entertaining the thought of wanting to lift (even if you are a CFG member) then wait no longer (free trials available weekdays).


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